Performance Audit of Solid Waste Management in 18 Urban Cities of Haryana



Management of solid waste was one of the most challenging tasks with the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) in India. With increasing population levels, rapid economic growth and rising community living standards, rate of generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in Indian cities is getting accelerated. Most of the urban areas have been facing a serious problem of land and water pollution due to the generation of huge quantities of solid waste and their open dumping. 



QCI conducted performance audit on solid waste management parameters (as per SWM Rules 2016) for 18 ULBs in Haryana with a population greater than 1 lakh. The assessment covered the following areas:
Residential and Commercial Areas: Assessment was conducted in Slum/Old City/Unplanned Area/ Planned Area, informal settlements and urban villages across the different parts of the city
Commercial and Institutional Areas: Assessment was conducted in the cities to ascertain the cleanliness and overall management of waste generated from these areas
Bulk Waste Generators: Assessment was conducted in hotels, banquet halls, weekly vegetable market areas 
Citizen Feedback: 4300+ Citizen feedbacks were covered face to face during the assessment period

ULB wise solid waste management report card has been shared with the Haryana Government Officials. Following parameters were covered in ULB wise report card:

  • ULB ranking on Solid waste management rules 2016 and Swachh Survekshan parameters
  • Parameter wise detailed Analysis of 18 cities of Haryana (population greater than 1 lakh)
  • Best Practices adopted by the ULBs
  • Gaps & Overall recommendations



Proper solid waste management has to be undertaken by the ULBs to ensure that it does not affect the environment and does not affect the health of the citizens.  At the household-level proper segregation of waste has to be implemented and it should be ensured that all organic waste is kept aside for composting which can be used as a fertilizer.