Life At PPID



Empowering the young professionals to take critical decisions at a young age and to manage multiple projects of national importance, is what sets Quality Council of India apart from other work places. Gaining a rich exposure to the high impact schemes and policies, along with using the experiences and skills for nation building activities, QCI proves to be a good start to the career of the young professionals. QCI cultivates a sense of commitment with a focus on improving the quality of life for 1.3 billion citizens. Everyone at QCI is working towards the same objective — to change the world by working on high impact projects and utilizing technology that empowers people to bring about a change in society.



Completely contrary to a 9-5 job, the work hours can be unpredictable in this division. While it can feel like a rollercoaster at times, the opportunity to learn, grow and be successful outweigh the potential drawbacks that make it a worthwhile career move. In today’s day and age, non-linear career paths are the new norm, and PPID has impacted and disrupted what was once known as a linear career path.


For many, working in PPID is like having their own business. You feel a sense of pride with the work you do. You have to be able to work autonomously which means there’s a high level of responsibility placed on you. The expertise you bring to the table is welcomed and encouraged. You are empowered and have the authority to make decisions to make it easier to work smarter, not harder. The feeling of solving real world problems and doing meaningful work is unmatched.


As we started touching small milestones, efforts of professionals were recognized and appreciated in the form of team parties and strategic meets. As one of the objective of PPID is to optimise on resources and deliver quality output at all times, productive sessions are organized where each project team prepares for the Strategic Meet accordingly.


These strategic meets cum team building exercises are like a giant reset button, leaving teams more refreshed and on the same page. It’s done annually and helps prevent employee burnout, prevent peaks and valleys in year-round job performance, and serve as an effective kick-off before large or complex projects. CHAIRMAN’S DINNER Work is never ending, but still the Chairman ensures that all PPID professionals get to interact with him every quarter through this Chairman’s dinner. This also serves a platform for the Chairman to meet the existing and new young professionals which helps boost their morale.



The PPID project teams actively participate in the report release events of their respective projects. This also gives them an exposure to meet the ministers and senior bureaucrats and it’s an invaluable experience for them.

Also, time and again, QCI also encourages its professionals to go and attend international leadership conferences to understand and gain experience in a multicultural environment. A lot of our professionals have been to Singapore, Israel, Russia, Bali, Germany etc.









QCI understands that the projects are done at stringent timelines and to balance things out, once a project is successfully completed, the project teams are allowed to celebrate the successes in form of a get together party and return rejuvenated.






In order to break the monotony, QCI has also started organizing sports activities such as an annual cricket tournament called “QCI Premier League” with several teams participating in it. Everyone plays in it enthusiastically for the coveted trophy.












Similarly, a women’s tournament for Basketball & Badminton is also organized to ensure that there is equal participation for all.


Diwali get together is also organised each year. This year, as a part of celebrations, an Eye testing camp and Rangoli making competition was organised across the boards of QCI. A photo booth was also set up and team building games were planned. Several awards were announced in various categories and to winners of the team building games.

These activities involve all the employees & professionals and this also acts as a good team building and bonding exercise.











QCI organises several workshops for knowledge enhancement of its employees. One of those workshops is the Microsoft Excel training workshop, wherein the experts are invited from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

QCI also organised a Project Management Training Session which was chaired by Mr. Adesh Jain, Chairman of “International Institute of Projects & Program Management (I2P2M)”.

A two-day introductory training programme focussing on ‘Faecal Sludge Septage Management’ was organised by QCI, which was chaired by “Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination Society”. A certificate of participation was awarded to the participants.