Job Description

Management Trainee

Management Trainee’s at Project Planning & Implementation Division are young individuals with a mindset of ‘everything is possible’. Their key tasks include conducting primary and secondary research and developing strategic analysis studies. They also contribute by being an integral part of the team to understand the issue in hand and contribute towards the project.

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Junior Analyst

They help by synthesizing external and internal data and communicating them clearly to all stakeholders, facilitators and partners. A junior analyst is principally responsible for interpreting data, formulating reports and making recommendations based upon the research findings. They understand and define the problem by collecting data from various sources and then designing and conduct in-depth data analysis using traditional and advanced methods.

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Analysts are responsible for the deliverable of a work-stream to their managers by managing requirements and expectations on their respective work-stream. They play a key role in gathering data, for a discrete part of the problem solving for each engagement with a client, contributing to the team’s final recommendations, and presenting work to Senior Bureaucrats.

Moreover, they also contribute towards setting up the Project Planning & Implementation Division by driving multiple initiatives.  Presenting the findings to the management, preparing reports and making suitable recommendations are some of the additional tasks done by them.

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Junior Associate:

They need to ensure that client’s needs are met at its best by being responsible for end to end delivery of projects. They work in real time projects and are required to use their analytical skills and problem-solving skills to meet client’s requirement. This is a very dynamic role and it allows one to work with diverse sets of stakeholders, policy makers and clients to execute the delivery of projects. They work alongside the client’s staff on each project, assisting with implementation tasks.  This could include facilitating working sessions with front-line and supervisors, connecting with and motivating the client team, or developing skills of client team members when appropriate, principally through discussions. They also solicit feedback from team members to develop their own skills.

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Project Associate

This role entails leading a team, working through large volumes of data to proactively uncover new ideas, opportunities and strategies on the way engaging clients leading to higher client satisfaction. They also have opportunities to work on several business initiatives and are empowered to lead problem solving leading to continuous improvement. Project Associates work directly with senior stakeholders and be the natural extension to their analytical horsepower. This is an excellent opportunity to lead a high-impact services team providing a mixed exposure around problem solving, stakeholder management, leadership and people development thereby delivering exceptional business impact defined in terms of client retention and service team productivity.

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Project Manager

Project Managers are responsible for the Project Planning & Implementation Division project deliverables. They are typically responsible for developing and scoping the project, managing both client & team’s expectations and delivering final project outputs to the client. They get exposure to a wide spectrum of sectors across different strategic, functional and operational aspects, and above all, an opportunity to really make a difference.
Additionally, Project Managers are also responsible for setting up internal QCI processes, driving internal initiatives and managing culture of the organization as well as liasoning with QCI’s higher management for their respective projects.

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