Program Director

Working with QCI for the past three years has been a remarkable journey. QCI is one of the very few organisations that gives young professionals a chance to lead projects creating an impact on a national scale . To have had the opportunity to lead and deliver high-impact assignments on tight deadlines has been a learning experience like no other. Working with highly capable and motivated colleagues has helped shape me not just as a professional, but also as a person.

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Project Manager

It could only have been a dream to lead a team of 120 professionals this early in my career. This is the confidence QCI shows in you handing over a project that has impact on a National scale. The project that I work on covers 170+ locations across the country. All said, this would not have been easy if not for the people that work here which allowed me to grow both as a professional as well as a person.

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Junior Associate

I joined the Quality Council of India as a starry-eyed fresher – excited about working with the Government, striving to put in the best efforts and being highly driven to make an impact, big or small! After almost 1.5 years working at PPID now, I believe that the overall experience has been quite enriching and the future looks even more promising! The organization has gifted me the confidence to lead, learn, unlearn and make a difference through the plethora of projects, clients and teams and has entrusted me with responsibilities and challenges that have beautifully defined my journey, here at QCI.

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