A Cleanliness & Maintenance drive was started by the Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Vijay Rupani, across 8 Yatradhams namely Ambaji, Dwarka, Dakor, Girman – Junagadh, Somnath, Shamlaji, Pavagadh, Palitana. The purpose was to maintain high end cleanliness across these pilgrimage sites. For the same, Gujarat Pavitra Yatradham Vikas Board (GPYVB) was given the responsibility of cleanliness and maintenance. Four National level agencies were also appointed for this purpose. For monitoring the work performed by these bodies, and to provide reports on daily basis to GPYVB, a Third Party Agency Pratima Global Enviro CHS was appointed.

To monitor the work of the cleaning agency & TPI, client felt a need for super monitoring agency who could cross verify the work done by both the agencies and provide an exhaustive report based on the findings, on the basis of which, the board could take necessary actions required on the agencies involved. To solve this problem statement and overcome the challenges, QCI was appointed as super monitoring agency with the role of monitoring the work done by both the sub agencies involved in day to day activity.


Quality Council of India performed a detailed research and developed a questionnaire keeping in view the challenges being faced by the client, after several rounds of brainstorming and in consultation with the GPYVB. Following is the detailed approach adopted:

  • Design, development and finalization of parameter for assessment, including parameter weightages and scoring methodology in consultation with GPYVB
  • Meticulous development of detailed scorecards to evaluate the performance of Cleaning agencies & Monitoring Agencies at each location to furnish monthly reports
  • Pilot and site visit of all 8 yatradhams and updating the questionnaire on the basis of observation made during site in consultation with GPYVB
  • Engaging assessment bodies to carry out the survey and uploading questionnaire on tech portal
  • Assessor’s training to conduct survey, on-field assessments & live quality check of photos
  • Data cleaning, analysis on the basis of data captured, careful scoring & ranking the locations on the basis of score obtained
  • Finalization of monthly report stating ranking and identifying scope of improvement in the performance of the agencies and suggesting recommendations to agencies for process improvements


Improvement in overall cleanliness across 8 locations has been observed. A sense of increased and healthy competition between the cleaning agencies has also been observed. There has been an Increase in awareness about importance of cleanliness across all 8 yatradhams

  • Somnath was awarded with Cleanest Iconic Place under Swachh Bharat Mission for its high standards of cleanliness
  • Based on rank received by a cleaning agency in the report submitted by QCI, a certain amount is deducted from the cleaning agency’s monthly pay-out by GPYVB
  • Usage of plastic within the periphery of Dakor temple was banned
  • Better communication and coordination between the different stakeholders involved in the system
  • Increased and sustained availability of the cleaning stock across all locations
  • Increase in employment of cleaning staff from local area because of the stringent tender requirements
  • Presence of cleaning staff in proper uniform across all locations
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